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This Former President: Science Fiction As Retrospective Retrorocket Jettisons Trumpism by Marleen S. Barr

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April 20/21 A Belief Worth Sharing – New Anthology Features Joy Kogawa, Jim Wong-Chu and over 20 Asian Writers

March 18/21 New podcast The Artsy Raven shares the joy of books, writing and publishing to the world

June 29/19 Seniors Citizens Receive Government Notices of Their Expiry Dates in Futuristic Canada Book

May 24/18 Dark Helix Speculative Fiction Free Ezine Launch

December 22/17 All I Want For Christmas is More Fake Trump News?!

May 16/17 Trump’s Wall Was Created to Keep Out Zombies and He is a Wizard According to Dark Helix Press’ Latest Anthology

March 6/17 Robot Beavers and Poutine Currency, Seeking Futuristic Canada 150 Stories!

June 20/16 Feeding The Kraken or Child Monster!

Oct 29/13 Author JF Garrard Told Multiculturalism is Dead