The Literary Elephant: The Beginner’s Guide to Indie Publishing

Publication Date: (October 4, 2015)

ISBN: 978-0-9917425-5-4, ASIN: B01660R30C

Nominated for Best English Related Work in the 2015 Aurora Awards


You’ve invested blood, sweat & tears into writing, now let’s get your book out there!

We will go over in great detail topics that only we will find exciting, such as:

Editing – why it’s needed, the different types of editors and where to find them

Covers – what makes a good cover and options for cover creation

Business items – copyright filing, ISBN, CIP data, pseudonyms and incorporating

Distribution – distributor choices, royalties and tax impacts on non-US citizens

Marketing – why it’s needed and tons of ideas on how to market your book

Crowd funding – the three phases of crowd funding explained

Budgeting exercise – a budget sheet for you to have some finance fun with your own book!

Let’s roll up your sleeves and just do it! You are on your way on becoming an indie author!

About The Author

JF Garrard got into writing through reading comic books and watching movies as an escape from her mundane childhood in Toronto, Canada.  Writing has always been something she wanted to do although she was almost tossed out of her Catholic all girls high school writing club for writing dark and weird stories.  She decided to write a novel after finding out that a friend self-published a book, so she challenged herself to do the same.  She is a germaphobe with a Nuclear Medicine background and holds a MBA in Strategy/Marketing.  Find her at, on Twitter @JFGarrard, Linked In, About Me and Facebook.