02 ACWW Imprint Books

The Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW) was created out of a need to develop and nurture Pacific Rim Asian writers. ACWW began in the late sixties – early seventies with a handful of community activists turned writers. Ricepaper Magazine began as a newsletter for ACWW members and is now an online multimedia platform magazine.

Continuing on the tradition of publishing Asian writers in the English language, ACWW, Ricepaper Magazine and Dark Helix Press have formed a partnership to publish books collaboratively.

Link to ACWW imprint books:

Ricepaper Magazine Books, Volume 3: Belief, A Ricepaper Anthology

Ricepaper Magazine Books, Volume 2: Immersion, A Speculative Fiction Anthology 

Ricepaper Magazine Books, Volume 1: Currents, A Ricepaper Anthology

The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo by Vincent Ternida