Futuristic Canada Anthology

Publication Date: published June 27, 2019


E-book ISBN: 978-1-988416-22-9

print ISBN: 978-1-988416-21-2


Canada is a land known for polite people and poutine, but don’t be fooled. Canada is as diverse as is it vast. From an apocalyptic future to genetically designed children gone bad, from librarians trained in the martial arts to sentient bookshops using spell books to increase sales; this collection of speculative fiction was inspired by the cities, wilderness, and rich cultural diversity which makes Canada great. Sit back, relax, and get your alien-blaster ready, as you experience a Futuristic Canada.

Whoever said Canlit was boring‽

This project was part of Alliance 150 to celebrate Canada’s 150 years.


Amazing Stories Magazine, CLUBHOUSE Review


About The Editors

JF Garrard – Editor

JF is the founder of Dark Helix Press, Co-President of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Authors Association, Deputy Editor for Ricepaper Magazine and Assistant Editor for Amazing Stories Magazine. She is an editor and writer of speculative fiction (Trump: Utopia or DystopiaThe Undead Sorceress, Ricepaper Issue 19.3), non-fiction (The Literary Elephant). Her latest published short stories includes The Metamorphosis of Nova published in the Blood Is Thicker anthology by Iguana Books and The Perfect Husband in the We Shall Be Monsters Frankenstein anthology by Renaissance Press.  jfgarrard.com

Sarah WaterRaven – Editor

Author of the Detective Docherty series and publisher of the fantastic and miscellaneous, Sarah WaterRaven loves to write books. Ruled by an overpowering imagination, when she is not writing she is often drawing, painting or pretending to play the violin—she wishes she could fiddle. Forever fueled by copious amounts of espresso and tea, she practices yoga and cycles whenever she can. sarahwaterraven.com

About The Authors

Abootasaurus! – Timothy Carter

Timothy Carter is a writer of far-fetched fiction for young adults and the young at heart (and mind). Born in England during the week of the final lunar mission, he has a great love of outer space and tea. Timothy is the author of The Five Demons You Meet in Hell, Epoch, Evil?, Apoca-Lynn and Section K. He lives and writes in Toronto with his cat. Click to see his Facebook Page & Author Site.

Lingua Franca – Jen Frankel

Jen is the author of the Blood and Magic series about young heroine Maggie Stuart. The first two books in the series, The Last Rite and The Red Ring, deal with Maggie at ages 13 and 16 respectively. The third (and penultimate), Heaven and Hell, will feature Maggie at age 23, living in Montreal and still struggling with her powers. Her podcast, Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it! is a great resource for all writers. Jen is also an avid screenwriter and an award-winning poet, as well as a great lover of fish, birds, cats, and all other living creatures. She even has a soft spot for human beings, provided they behave at least as well as their pets. http://www.jenfrankel.com/

Sell Off – Mathias Jansson, Sweden

Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic (AICA-member) and poet. As an art critic he is mainly focused on new media art and specially Game Art, i.e contemporary art inspired by video games. He is a writer for Swedish and international magazines and blogs as DigiMag, Gamescenes, Konsten.net and Konstperspektiv. http://mathiasjansson72.blogspot.se/

Here Comes Santa Claus & Medically Necessary – Andrew Jensen

Andrew Jensen lives in Braeside, Ontario. He is a United Church minister and Kermit the Frog impersonator, who has played trumpet with a semi-pro jazz band. He’s a regular in local musical theatre productions. Andrew’s most recent stories are published in Dreamforge Magazine, Swords & Sorcery Magazine, Abyss & Apex magazine, and the anthology Tales from the Fluffy Bunny. You can find him at Linked-In.

Protecting Artifacts in Hebes Chasma & Making Waves – Frederick Charles Melancon

Frederick Charles Melancon is a native of New Orleans, but he currently lives in Mississippi with his wife and daughter. He is often surprised how every river reminds him of the Mississippi River, and it doesn’t matter how far he is from home.

Canadian Gods – Ira Nayman

IraNaymanisaTorontohumouristwho…forgets to use spaces when he gets excited about a project. He has had six humorous SF novels published by Elsewhen Press, the most recent of which is Good Intentions: The Alien Refugees Trilogy: First Pie in the Face. His tenth collection of satirical news from alternate realities, Angels of Our Bitter Nature, has appeared on Amazon; by the time you read this, book10.5 of the Alternate Reality News Service Series, Idiotocracy for Dummies, may also be available. He is the Editor of Amazing Stories Magazine. New humour is published weekly on Ira’s Web site, Les Pages aux Folles (http://www.lespagesauxfolles.ca).

The Night Librarian – Helen Power

Helen is a librarian, writer, and fridge magnet connoisseur living in Windsor, Ontario. In her spare time, she haunts deserted cemeteries, loses her heart to dashing thieves, and cracks tough cases, all from the comfort of her writing nook.  Her website is www.helenpower.ca/.  Follow her on Instagram @powerlibrarian, on Twitter @thesula, or check out her bookish blog about the strange and unexplained at www.biblioccult.wordpress.com/

Mother of Caribou & Carnaval Stream – Christine Rains

Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She was born and raised in Canada, but married an American and moved to southern Indiana. She misses the snow and the donuts. She’s a proud member of Untethered Realms and S.C.I.F.I. She has one novel and several novellas and short stories published. Website: http://christinerains.net/      Blog: http://christinerains-writer.blogspot.com/

Poutine, Bugs and Big Bessie – Melissa Small

She’s a mother first of two boys and has a husband that shares all her nerdy hobbies. A member of the Star Wars 501st Canadian Garrison, she would love to write a Star Wars book someday. She also loves and trains Appaloosa horses.

Carbon Concerns – Ryan Toxopeus

Ryan Toxopeus, award winning writer of the Empire’s Foundation fantasy trilogy, has been writing fantastic tales for two decades. He has published two novels (A Noble’s Quest, A Wizard’s Gambit), two novellas (Demon Invasion, Dangers of Tensire), several short stories related to his larger fantasy world, and other stand-alone stories including Macimanito Môswa which won Honourable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. Website/Blog: https://prcreative.ca/ryan/  Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ryan-Toxopeus/e/B0095WNDXK

Her Last Walk – Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a British author living in Australia. He is best known for his third non-fiction book, a study of 333 Jack the Ripper suspects.  This is his 58th short story. You can find out more at https://paulecwilliams.org

Space and Time Books – Melissa Yuan-Innes

Melissa Yuan-Innes is a Writers of the Future Award-winning writer of fantasy and science fiction and, under the name Melissa Yi, a Derringer and Arthur Ellis Award finalist author of medical mysteries. She is also an emergency physician with one husband, two small children, and one rescue Rottweiler. Say hi to Melissa Yi Yuan-Innes on Facebook and @dr_sassy on Twitter, or sign up for a free book at www.melissayuaninnes.com.