Marble Crew Books

Fred the Marble lives in the marble universe with his friends Frank, Elena, Sophie and more! These books were written by a kid for kids who are obsessed with marbles and published by a parent who didn’t know where to go to find books about talking marbles! Ideal for children who are learning how to read and like to giggle!

Marble Crew Series link on Amazon:

BOOK #1: I am a Marble I am a Marble is about Fred and his friends doing a marble race in the marble universe! Read out loud and giggle as Fred and his silly marble friends race down a ramp! (Print: 978-1988416366, Kindle: ASIN ‏B09K64VY24, Release date October 24, 2021)

BOOK #2: No Boys! – In No Boys!, the girl marbles decide to work together as a team without boys. Will they ever be friends again? (Print: 978-1988416380, Kindle: ASIN ‏B09P79SWD4, Release date December 25, 2021)

BOOK #3: It’s Not Fair! – In It’s Not Fair, the marbles are having problems forming soccer teams with equal numbers to play the game. Can math help them figure this out? (Print: 978-1988416403, Kindle: ASIN‏ B09P6SBX52, Release date December 25, 2021)

BOOK #4: Halloween Isn’t Fun! – In Halloween Isn’t Fun, Frank is not happy because he doesn’t have a costume. Can Fred help Frank solve this problem? (Print: 978-1988416366, Kindle: ASIN ‏ B09K64VY24, Release date October 24, 2021)