Shorts are quick reads in the form of short stories or personal essays.

Designing Fate by JF Garrard

Publication Date: September 2, 2015, ASIN: B014V6EWKW


In the year 2093 Lisa decides to walk into a store to create a 500 Model Series child. As a good parent, she was willing to pay the price for genome modification in order to obtain the best DNA sequence possible for her child. However, what happens when a designer child clashes with a normal child and prejudiced parents? Should Lisa pay the price for her child’s mistakes?


  1. Praise for Designing Fate which originally appeared in Ricepaper Magazine, 19.3 Issue: “Ricepaper’s Speculative Fiction issue is full of inventive, engaging work, including this short story about designer children who aren’t exactly true to the blueprint. I was really engrossed in this piece—the characters are well-drawn, the details are original, and the plot kept me guessing.” -PRISM Magazine
  2. JF Northup, book blogger review

Warning: Story includes violent imagery.

My Girl by JF Garrard

Publication Date:  April 14, 2018, ASIN: B07C6KCZFP


Laura has everything – a great husband, enormous house, designer goods and a baby on the way. When a doctor’s diagnosis threatens to destroy what she has, her mother tells her to visit a Chinese witch to save her baby’s life. Can Laura save herself and her baby from death? What is the price she has to pay as mentioned by the witch?

“My Girl” was originally published in the The Sirens Call eZine, No. 37, Women in the Horror issue

The Year Christmas Got Cancelled by JF Garrard

Publication Date:  July 14, 2021, ASIN: B099KT9L44


“The Year Christmas Got Cancelled” offers a glimpse into what it was like to be a child of parents with no money during Christmas. It looks back into the past with a sense of humour although at the time having no presents was traumatizing for some…whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…that’s the theory anyways!

Baby Shadows by JF Garrard

Publication Date:  October 2, 2015, ASIN: B0164H8PDG


Originally written for a death anthology, Baby Shadows is a frank, reflective piece which discusses issues affecting a seven month pregnant woman who is struggling to be happy.

Past events of a natural miscarriage, failed IVF and baby autopsy collectively gather as shadows over the happiness of a live pregnancy. The machine of the fertility industry is described along with the procedures women endure in trying to conceive.

Warning: Anatomical details and infertility procedures are discussed in this work.