3x Bilingual Series

Childhood experts claim that a word must be heard 7,000 times by a child for them to pick it up. As more generations of children grow up as generations outside of their “motherland”, it becomes more challenging for parents to teach their child another language.

Inspired by the love of Tiger mothers and their love of drilling education into children, the 3x bilingual book series uses the method of repetition to help children remember new words in different languages. Turning learning into a game, children gain confidence to speak out loud the new vocabulary they have gained after parents lead by speaking a word multiple times.

This book goes over the numbers 1-10.

Tip: Parents can help children count toys, snacks, etc to reinforce the use of numbers.

Purchase in Chinese/English and Japanese/English.


This book covers the following city animals: cat, dog, pigeon, squirrel, raccoon, cockroach, skunk, fly, and butterfly.

Tip: Take a walk in the city and see if you can spot of these animals with your children!

Purchase in Chinese/English and Japanese/English.


This book covers words used during mealtime: Plate, bowl, chopsticks, fork, spoon, knife, napkin, cup, to eat, to drink, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tip: While feeding child, ask them to name the utensils and praise them when they say the right word!

Purchase in Chinese/English and Japanese/English.