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Dark Helix Ezine #2 out!

The second issue of the Dark Helix Ezine is out! It’s free to download for readers and is a way to connect them with new authors. This is something small we are doing for the literary community as a way of giving back.

So many voices out there that need to be heard!

The second issue features strong female protagonists. We have an awesome interview with a real life feminist science fiction scholar, a story about the temporariness of the world, an amazing poem about a legendary woman and two stories within apocalyptic worlds in which women are pushed to their limits.

An Interview with a Feminist Science Fiction Scholar, Dr. Marleen S. Barr by JF Garrard
Give and Take by Dyane Forde
Yara by Livia Finucci
The Fires of Atonement by Maggie DeMay
Blood of My Blood by Chris McGrane

Grab your issue here