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Not Ready Yet!

Welcome to Dark Helix Press, we are a new publishing company based in Toronto. As with all master mind plans to take over the world, there are kinks that need to be sorted out before a full blast off happens!

The journey is just starting, who knows where this road may lead. The traditional and Indie publishing industries are all in flux as it becomes easier for authors to self-publish. There are continuous debates on the roles of agents and publishers, the “gatekeepers” to the book world. A lot of the future will depend on the market, or readers. If readers learn to accept Indie publishing and self-publishing, the game will change. Speaking to an experienced publisher, she lamented how the market is saturated with self-publishers at the moment who are not serious about their literary pursuits. Yes, there is a lot of noise, but in the end, the market will decide how they will buy, what they will read and what quality of literature they will accept.

We hope to have our first book, The Undead Sorceress, released in April 2014 and a few more afterwards. Stay tuned!


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