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New Logo Added

The logo you see before you was after a few weeks of back and forth between me and a logo designer from the Netherlands. He was a true artist as he kept giving me options to choose from which he created without my input. At one point there was a Native Indian bird which looked interesting, but too complicated for a logo!

Since “Helix” was inspired by DNA, there should be reference to that in the logo. For “Dark” it was thought that a Raven, typically a bird of bad omens would make things look interesting. Instead of just a simple DNA ladder, the addition of thorns was added for another layer of complexity. After designing this, one of my graphic designer friends who said he could have created a logo in 2 minutes, spoke about simplicity for logos. “What you have is too damn complicated,” he said.

Perhaps, but this is only the first and probably not the last logo for this company. For now, we are ok with the design!



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